Openreach 2025 big shutdown of PSTN will affect security systems using traditional wirings in the UK.

We offer a range of intercom and video doorbell services:

  1. Audio Intercoms: They provide voice communication within a house or structure. Usually, they are composed of multiple substations installed in different rooms and a master station.
  2. Video Intercoms: With visual elements added to communication, the security is enhanced by providing a verification of visitors. They are visual checkpoint for residential and commercial entry gates.
  3. Wireless Intercoms: They operate without hardwire connections which makes it flexible and easier to install in terms of placement. Wireless intercom systems ease communication in complex setups, and are also inexpensive.
  4. Smart Intercoms: They often integrate with home automation platforms that enable remote visual communication with visitors via smart devices. The remote access and control provides more convenience and security.
  5. Apartment Building Intercoms: They are commonly used in apartment buildings to facilitate communication between residents and visitors at the main entrance. They secure the premises and allow residents to verify and grant access to guests.

We offer the following Video Doorbells:

  1. Video and Audio Communication: Video doorbells combine a doorbell with a built-in camera and microphone, allowing users to see and communicate with visitors through a mobile app. It Enhances home security by providing real-time video and audio of front-door activity.
  2. Motion Detection: These video doorbells include motion sensors, triggering recordings and notifications when someone approaches the door. They alert users to potential visitors or suspicious activity.
  3. Night Vision: These video doorbells often feature infrared or low-light cameras to capture clear images even in low-light conditions. They provide enhanced visibility during night-time.
  4. Cloud Storage and Playback: These video doorbells offer cloud storage for recorded footage, allowing users to review. They are very useful for reviewing missed visitors or monitoring for security purposes of past events.
  5. Integration with Smart Home Systems: Video doorbells can integrate with smart home ecosystems, allowing users to control and monitor their doorbell through voice commands or other smart devices. The integration enhances convenience, as both intercoms and video doorbells contribute to security, convenience and peace of mind.

The choice between them often depends on specific needs, budget, and the desired level of functionality. In many cases, modern solutions combine aspects of both intercom and video doorbell.

Allow Third Eye to safeguard your premises' entry points with bespoke intercom and video doorbell services.