Openreach 2025 big shutdown of PSTN will affect security systems using traditional wirings in the UK.

At Third Eye Security, we prioritise keeping your home safe with our cutting-edge fire detection systems. Our custom designs and integrated components ensure a complete security solution. Our Fire Alarms are of BS-5839-6:2019 standards.

Our Fire Alarms come with advanced features like Intelligent Analytics, Early Warning Systems, Remote Monitoring, and Notification Systems, enhancing overall effectiveness and response times.

Choose from an array of Fire Alarms

  1. Addressable Fire Alarms: Pinpoint fire location for faster response.
  2. Wireless Fire Alarms: Flexible and easy installation without extensive wiring.
  3. Analogue Fire Alarms: Continuous monitoring and precise fire condition information.
  4. Monitored Fire Alarms: Connected to a monitoring centre for prompt action.

We are a BAFE-accredited company, ensuring the highest standards in the design, installation, and maintenance of fire alarm systems. Opting for a BAFE-accredited firm may also help with insurance benefits—check with your insurance provider.

Our expert technicians conduct regular maintenance to ensure reliable fire detection and notification, keeping your premises safe.

Trust Third Eye for fire safety solutions that truly protect your property.