Openreach 2025 big shutdown of PSTN will affect security systems using traditional wirings in the UK.

At Third Eye, our Access Control systems are designed to manage and secure the entry and exit points of your home. It helps you safe-keep the confidential areas within your office holding valuable assets and documents. With high-quality systems, we ensure you always feel safe and secure.

Explore our Access Control solutions

  1. Multiple Door Control System: Manage access to multiple entry points with a central control panel.
A few key benefits of choosing our high-end Access Control systems-
  1. Keyless Entry: Convenient access using proximity cards, key fobs, PIN codes, biometric authentication, or smartphone-based credentials.
  2. Visitor Management: Facilitate visitor registration, identification, and tracking with visitor badges and temporary access credentials.

Regular maintenance is crucial for ongoing effectiveness and reliability. Our qualified technicians conduct routine inspections, testing, and servicing to ensure optimal performance.

Experience cutting-edge Access Control solutions from Third Eye, ensuring secure and convenient access management for your home.